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Nose Swab MC & S

Swab - Bacterial (white top)
Additional Collection Instructions

Using the Eswab, sample the site, place the swab in the liquid transport medium and break the shank of the swab at the notch. DO NOT discard the liquid. Replace the lid and screw down firmly.

Forward to the laboratory ASAP.

All Swabs must be labelled with patient details, site, date and time of collection.          Store and Transport all Swabs to the lab at room temperature.

Collection Swab Types
Microscopy, Culture & Sensitivity
·        Bacteria: Aerobes & Anaerobes
·        Yeasts
·        Gonorrhoea Culture
·        VRE Screen
·      Sample the infected area with the swab.
·      Unscrew the cap on the tube, place the swab into the liquid and snap off at the break point, screw the cap back onto the tube securing the swab inside.
·       Do Not Discard the Liquid.
White Top Amies Liquid and Flocked Swab
                                                  (WPR: 01298A)
Virus/Other Bacterial PCR
·      Respiratory Viruses
·        Bordetella Pertussis
·        CMV
·        Herpes Multiplex (HSV21, HSV2, VZV)
·        Enterovirus (non-respiratory)
·        Atypical Pneumonia
·        Sample the area with the green topped swab and place into the viral transport medium tube.
·        For Respiratory viruses provide a nose sample
·        For Bordetella Pertussis testing provide a nasopharyngeal sample
·        For nasopharyngeal samples use the minitip flocked swab
Green Top Viral Transport Medium Swab
                                                               (WPR: 147CV)
Minitip flocked swab Universal Transport Medium
                                                                         (WPR: 361C)
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea PCR
·        Male and Female
·        A first pass urine specimen can be used for this test
·      Use the white swab to clean the cervix if required and discard
·      Use the blue swab to sample the area required and place into the buffer and break at the scored point.
·      Do not pierce the foil top
Aptima Unisex Transport Buffer Swab
                                                                     (WPR: 107834)
  • MRSA Culture
  • MRSA/MSSA Screening
·       The MRSA kit contains 2 swabs and a tube of liquid medium. 
The kit can be used for sampling of 2 sites.
·       Use the pink swab for the first site and the white swab for the second site.
·      If more than 2 sites are required use a second kit
·      Do Not Discard the Liquid.
Pink Top MRSA eSwab Liquid Amies Flocked Swab
                                                                  (WPR: R100083)

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume