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Test Name Alternative Names Date Updated  
CMV PCR Quantitative - Plasma CMV Viral Load, Cytomegalovirus viral load, CMVPCR 04/12/23 VIEW TEST
Copper - Blood Cu 30/11/23 VIEW TEST
Silver 30/11/23 VIEW TEST
Selenium - Blood 30/11/23 VIEW TEST
Bromide - Blood Methylbromide 30/11/23 VIEW TEST
Complement Function (Activity) THC, CH100, CH50, Complement Function (Classical, Alternative, MBL), AH50, AH100, Total Alternate Pathway, Complement Function 30/11/23 VIEW TEST
Oligoclonal Bands - CSF 29/11/23 VIEW TEST
Oligoclonal Bands - Serum OCB 29/11/23 VIEW TEST
Helicobacter pylori Serology H. pylori Serology 29/11/23 VIEW TEST
Isopropyl Alcohol - Blood Sanitiser, Isopropanol 27/11/23 VIEW TEST