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Ordering Information

This test can only be collected in a "HOT BOX" (pre-warmed syringes, collection tubes etc.)

EDTA (purple)
Additional Collection Instructions

This test requires 2 x EDTA tubes.

All collection materials and tubes must be pre-warmed to 37 deg C.

The specimen needs to be kept at 37 deg C by placing into a "hot box" and transported to the laboratory immediately.  Call the laboratory on ext 3100 for a "hot box".

Hot Boxes are stored in the Austin Collection Centre and Repat Collection Centre where they are kept in a 37 deg C incubator and contain collection materials and tubes.

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Monday - Thursday
Reference Interval
< 0.5 g/L
Test Code
Opt. Specimen
See collection instructions
Laboratory Notes

Cryoglobulin (Serum) and cryofibrinogen (EDTA) must be collected using a “hot box”.

Once the hot box has arrived in the lab, check the serum has clotted, then the serum (and EDTA) can be centrifuged.

(NOTE: if the serum has not clotted, put the samples in the incubator while waiting for it to clot)

Do not spin in a cool centrifuge.

After the serum and EDTA are centrifuged, separate the serum and plasma immediately. These aliquots must be kept at room temperature all the way to the Heidelberg laboratory.