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alpha 1 anti-trypsin clearance

Alternate Names
Faeces alpha 1 anti-trypsin, Faecal A1AT Clearance, FA1AT
Ordering Information

For investigation of protein malabsorption. Test requires a 72 hour faecal collection, and serum sample.

Serum alpha 1 anti-trypsin should be performed within 24 hours of faecal collection.

Referred Test
72 hr faeces
Serum tube (gold top)
72 hr Faecal Tin
Collection Instruction
Collect at room temperature
Additional Collection Instructions

Collection MUST be 72 hours.

PLEASE Weigh empty tin and write this weight on label before collection.

Start time/date and finish time/date MUST be filled out on outside of faecal tin.

Random specimens are not acceptable.

Minimum Adult Volume
Minimum Paediatric Volume
Test Code
Storage Instructions
Store at 4 deg C
Transport Instructions
Transport at 4 deg C
External Laboratory
Biochemistry, Monash Health Pathology